Dr May Tan is a practicing doctor with experience in managing emergency and critically ill patients.


When she followed her Dr sister who visits old folk homes weekly, end of last year 2015, she witnessed many elderly were in a sad state. They have no joy, no love were looking miserable.


The Star Newspaper front page dated on 26th March 16 highlighted the plight of the old, many are “ageing in agony”, “old and abuse”, “abandoned old folks at the bus stop “… etc, the news broke her heart.


Another news in Star News papers reported that many elderly prefer nursing homes than burdening their children and that inspired Dr May Tan to embark on a mission to change the negative perception about life of senior citizens, with her knowledge and skills, she can impact lives and make the difference.


Growing old can be fun, it is not about waiting miserably for that last day but living the in the moment … a fruitful life that continues to learn and grow.


Dr May Tan is determined to build a home like no other, a home that is clean, safe and a place the elderly will find comfort and love, a place to continue to learn and grow with activities, a place to grow old with joy and peace.


She welcomes the elderly into My Precious Home with opened arms. She is there for them today and tomorrow, as long as they need.


她想打开双臂欢迎老人们来到MY PRECIOUS HOME。只要他们需要,她们的今天和明天就在这里。